New tournaments in Paris and Cairo


We’re happy to confirm that two of our tournaments are going ahead in the next few weeks.

The tournaments, both organized by the same team behind the Paris World Games, will take place in Paris, France and Cairo, Egypt. They are:

  • Paris Winter Cup in Paris, France (17-19 December)
  • PWG Egypt Cup in Cairo, Egypt (5-9 January)

The first event is the winter edition of the Paris World Games, France’s biggest youth tournament. It will see the participation of teams divided into 4 different age categories: U10,U12,U14 and U18. On Saturday, the first three age categories will play while the older age category will play on Sunday. Referees are expected to arrive on Friday 17th December and leave on the 19th in the evening or, if not possible, 20th in the morning.

We need 10 referees for the Winter Cup weekend. Referees will pay a participation fee of €40 and receive the following:

  • Accommodation in local hotel/residence in the Southern suburbs of Paris, where the tournament will be played.
  • Three meals per day, either at accommodation or on the fields.
  • Transport to/from the fields during the event.

They can expect to referee, as a referee or linesmen, around 4 games per day with each game 20-30 minutes in lenght (total). Top teams from France (such as PSG) and local selections from France and neighbouring countries will participate.

The second event is the Egypt qualifier of the Paris World Games and will take place in Cairo, Egypt from January 5th to 9th. This will also have four age categories: U10,U12,U14 and U18 and see the participation of local clubs as well as teams from Libya, Syria, Sudan and Iraq.

We need 12 referees for the Egypt tournament. Referees will pay a participation fee of €85 and receive the following:

  • Accommodation in local 4-star hotel around 10 minutes drive from the Pyramids;
  • Three meals per day in the same hotel;
  • Transport to/from the fields during the event.

In both tournaments referees are also responsible for their own travel costs to/from their home country and France/Egypt. Furthermore, if any VISA and or insurance is required, they will be responsible for those costs as well. No payment is offered to referees for the games they officiate.

Arrival and departure dates would be Dec. 17th-20th for the Winter Cup in Paris and Jan 5th-9th for the Egypt tournament.

All referees must be fully vaccinated against covid-19, no exception is possible to this rule. Also, given the short notice, we’re not able to accept referees from outside Europe (EU and UK) for the Paris event. . Referees shall pay attention and obey to travel advice, limitations and requirements imposed by either their government or the French/Egyptian governments. For more info about these terms and conditions, please check our T&C page and our covid-19 page. In the case of Egypt, given the recent rise of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, travel restrictions may be imposed by certain governments, make sure you check them out before applying.

If you are interested in taking part to one or both of these tournaments please FILL OUT THIS FORM, we will get back to you ASAP.