Two new tournaments in Germany

Today we’re happy to announce that two new tournaments in Germany will join the Referee Abroad network.

Organized by Ballfreunde, one of Germany’s leading sports events organizers, they’re weekend tournaments – ideal for those referees who are looking for a quick getaway in central Europe.

Both events belong to the “Mini World Cup” network, where each team will represent a country, and play the tournament celebrating the run-up to the Qatar World Cup. They both include all age categories from U8 to U17s.

Referee Abroad will be the exclusive referee providers for these events. They are:

Mini World Cup – Bayern, played in the lovely Southern German city of Augsburg between May 27th-29th

Mini World Cup – Förde, played in Flensburg a city right on the border between Germany and Denmark in June (3rd-5th)

For both events we will need around 15 referees. Apply today.

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