Spring & Summer Tournaments in the USA

After some successful winter tournaments in the USA, in partnership with our American friends US Officials, we are pleased to offer you some other opportunities to join our refereeing groups travelling to America.

Here’s an outline of the tournaments we will be organizing in the next few months. As a general rule, the price you see includes all of the following:

  • Flights to/from the destination airport (we will endeavour to offer flights from the closest airport to your home, however this might not always be possible, as such we will ask you to offer us some alternatives);
  • Accommodation in twin rooms from one day before the tournament starts to one day after the tournament ends;
  • Breakfast either at the hotel or on the fields;
  • Lunch on the fields;
  • Unlimited snacks, water and (in some cases) Gatorade on the fields;
  • Rental cars to drive around the city.


  • Dinners during the event;
  • VISA or ESTA costs (if applicable);
  • Petrol for the rental cars (to be shared among referee teams);
  • Travel or health insurance (if you need one);
  • Your own spending money or any cost arising from staying before/after the dates of travel (if you want to stay some extra days we will accommodate your request when booking travel as long as the cost of travel is similar or cheaper).

Also please note that NO PAYMENT will be offered to the referees.

Note also that to enter the United States, vaccination against covid-19 is still compulsory. People who do not have at least 2 shots won’t be able to travel. All referees must also be over the age of 18 to be considered. Finally, we CANNOT offer assistance nor invitations to obtain VISAs – as such this tournament is only for referees who can travel VISA-free or are already in possession of a VISA.

All accepted referees will have to provide some paperwork for their participation to be officially confirmed. Failure to produce such paperwork will result in their participation being cancelled. Such paperwork will include a copy of their passport, a letter from their FA granting permission to attend, a vaccination certificate and an official paper they do not have past or outstanding criminal charges.

The available tournaments are:

Memorial Day Tournament in Boston, Massachusetts (26th-30th May 2023)

One of America’s biggest “cluster” of tournaments, it sees 4000 games being played on just one weekend in Boston and its vicinity. For this tournament we will send a total of 30 referees, aiming at having as many nations as possible represented within the refereeing group. It is a boys tournament with age categories only U15s and up (until U19s).

The cost to participate in this experience is £250.

Supercopa+ Tournament in Tampa, Florida (25th-30th May 2023)

A high-level boys and girls tournament in Florida, invitation only, taking place at the same time as our Boston tournaments. The tournament is sponsored by Nike Soccer and the age categories are both boys and girls between the age of 12 and 16. We will be sending a total of 10 referees to this tournament.

The cost to participate in this experience is £275.

Premier Supercopa Tournament in Tampa, Florida (14th-20th June 2023)

Another high-level tournament, invitation only, but for the lower age categories (U9-U12). Perfect for those referees who are not quite experienced yet and want to enjoy the beauty of Florida while refereeing some more relaxed games. We will be sending a total of 10 referees to this tournament.

The cost to participate in this experience is £300.

Girls Academy Finals in New Jersey (20th-30th June 2023)

Arguably the USA’s highest level girls competition, it sees its finals played every year at the end of June in a different state of the country. This year’s finals will be played in New Jersey, close to the Philadelphia urban area. For this tournament we are looking for 10-15 referees and a preference has been expressed by the organizers for female referees, but boys will also be considered. High-level of competition so only experienced referees will be considered.

The cost to participate in this experience is £300.

More tournaments will be added to this page in the coming months.