Referees appointed for the Referee Abroad Referee Academy 2019

Referee Abroad’s Referee Academy Committee has nominated a total number of 33 match officials for the Referee Abroad Referee Academy 2019. They have been allocated to the Referee Academy’s Core Level and Development Level respectively.

Is among the referees selected: Paris World Games 2018 Final Referee Milan Vyhnanovský © Fabrice Foures

Sixteen of them, including twelve main referees and four assistant referees, have been selected for the Academy’s Core Level. In this context, they will take charge of games at July’s Donosti Cup 2019 in Spain and receive coaching and development opportunities before, during and after the tournament supported by Referee Coaches and Instructors who are or have been active in UEFA and National Associations.

While some referees have been re-invited considering outstanding performances and progress at previous editions of the RA Referee Academy, most Core Level Referees have been selected based on a multimethodical selection process since November 2018.

“The mission behind the Academy is to offer talented referees a social and professional international environment in which they can learn from the best, reflect on themselves and get advice on their strengths and development areas to unleash their potential back home in their domestic leagues. It is exactly this potential which we have seen in the referees selected, and we are therefore very confidently looking forward to a very valuable edition of the Academy,” says Referee Academy Director Niclas Erdmann.

Furthermore, another seventeen referees have been appointed for the Academy’s newly introduced Development Level. At this level, which also serves as a springboard for a later participation in the Core Level, the match officials selected will gather and go through shared learning activities at one of Referee Abroad’s most sophisticated summer tournaments to be announced during the coming weeks.

> Full List of Core Level Referees and Assistant Referees

> Preliminary List of Development Level Referees and Assistant Referees


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