Referee Abroad Merchandise

Get your Referee Abroad shirt here: the shirt for home and abroad

  • We've launched an exclusive, snazzy new Referee Abroad tee - made by the one and only adidas
  • These adidas entrada shirts are for all seasons: fully breathable, made with climacool material, so great both for casual and sports wear - including your regular training sessions.
  • You'll also look the part at all of our incredible tournaments!

    This shirt was designed especially for a 2020 where we've been forced to cancel our refereeing experiences in tournaments across the globe. 

    As a non-for-profit organisation, all sales will go a long way to help us prepare for an even better 2021!
Reaching success and enjoyment in a team of new friends is only one benefit!

Getting your tee


This top-notch Referee Abroad shirt comes at a RRP of £30, including recorded second hand delivery and the embroidered Referee Abroad logo.

We'll order the shirts from our supplier once we have a certain number of orders in and then proceed with delivery.


The shirt is currently available for UK mainland delivery only.

Recorded second hand delivery is included in the price.

Batch deliveries will be made from September onwards.

It may be possible to post abroad depending on quantity ordered. This will incur an additional delivery cost.


You can request your Referee Abroad shirt by filling in the below form.

We will then send you a follow-up
e-mail when the shirts have been ordered. No payment is needed now. You will have to complete payment only once shirts are in our stockroom.