Podcast with our founder

In the last week our President and Founder Daniel Curcio sat down with RefCoach, an on-line referee development group, to discuss Referee Abroad – how it started, how it works and what the future holds for our network and, should we say, referee family.

In the podcast Daniel discussed refereeing abroad and referee development with Alessandro Arbizzani, Jack Morgan and Benji Batten, three Austrialian referees who are behind Refcoach.

This new and very interesting referee development project started on Facebook and aims at offering a space for discussion and an on-line community for referees all around the world which will allow them to further enhance their refereeing skills (read more on their website https://www.refcoach.org/).

The podcast with our founder is part of an interesting series called “My Life on the Line”.

Interested in knowing more about Referee Abroad? then don’t miss this amazing podcast!