National Development Day in cooperation with APAF

After a successful edition in 2019, Referee Abroad are happy to renew their partnership with APAF, Portugal’s Referee Association.

As APAF’s international partner, Referee Abroad will be given the opportunity to send three young referees (maximum age: 18) to the “Encontro Nacional Arbitro Jovem”, Portugal’s national referee development day for young referees.

During the meeting the three young referees will take part to a number of development activities both on the field of play (training, etc.) and in class. They’ll also have the opportunity to meet some of Portugal’s top class referees. The course will take place October 8-11 in Aveiro, Portugal.

APAF will cover the costs of lodging, food and local transfers. Referees will need to cover their travel expenses to/from Portugal.

How to Apply

If you are a referee of maximum 18 years of age and would like to be considered for this opportunity please fill out this form.

We strongly suggest that you also fill out a second form (a personality test), which you can find at this link. While this is not strictly connected to the opportunity, and mainly used to select staff for our events, it will give us more opportunity on you as a person, your character etc.

Some photos from the 2019 edition which took place in Beja: