The “John Moules Oustanding Contribution Award”:

🏆 Introducing the John Moules Outstanding Contribution Award 🏆

We are thrilled to introduce the “John Moules Outstanding Contribution Award” in memory of the late John Moules, an esteemed ex-Premier League referee from England, and a cherished observer at Referee Abroad tournaments. This award seeks to honor those who’ve made remarkable contributions to the Referee Abroad network, just as John Moules did during his lifetime.

We are delighted to announce Adrian Casha as the inaugural award recipient. Adrian Casha, an ex-FIFA referee and the current Vice President of the Malta Football Association, has played a pivotal role in guiding and nurturing young referees throughout his distinguished career.

Adrian Casha’s contributions to the development of the Referee Abroad network go beyond participating in our tournaments and offering his expertise. He has also provided invaluable guidance, helping us become a more structured and professional network. Adrian’s dedication to elevating the standards of refereeing has made a profound impact on our community.

In addition to his role at Referee Abroad, Adrian Casha is also an ex-UEFA observer and current UEFA delegate, further showcasing his extensive involvement and influence in the world of football refereeing.

The John Moules Outstanding Contribution Award will continue to acknowledge individuals who, like John and Adrian, have made substantial contributions to the Referee Abroad network and have been instrumental in helping young referees thrive.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Adrian Casha and express our gratitude for his continuous support and guidance to aspiring referees. Let us come together in honoring the legacy of John Moules and the ongoing contributions of Adrian Casha to the referee community.

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