Ibercup Cascais Referee Awards


The IberCup Referee Committee has met this past week to discuss this year’s tournament. Among the topics were the referee awards assigned to the tournament’s Best Referee, Best Assistant Referee and Referee Talent.

This year’s tournament saw the participation of 70 referees from 20 different nations. Around 200 teams took part to the event, with teams the likes of Real Madrid, Juventus, Benfica, Real Betis and Sporting reaching the finals. 

Referee Director Matthew Day said: “This year’s tournament was one of the best IberCups ever. We were very satisfied with all referees and the quality of their performances. It wasn’t easy to decide who would win the tournament’s awards”. 

The committee has chosen the following referees as recipients of the awards:

Best Referee – Lucian Diaconu (Romania)

Best Assistant Referee – Abdullah Al-Ameri (Sweden)

Referee Talent – Cedric Marranita Livreiro (Belgium)

Congratulations to all of them!