Girls Academy in Florida

We are happy to announce our partnership with US Officials and Girls Academy for a new event taking place in Sarasota, Florida next March.

Girls Academy is the USA’s best girls competition and league and will see the top girls teams from around the country travel to Florida for what promised to be a very competitive tournament.

The tournament will take place at world-class IMG Academy from March 8th to 15th.

Female officials will get priority for this high-class event. Male referees will also be considered.

Application for these events is only open to referees who are based outside of the USA. If you are a US-based referee, you’ll need to apply via the local assignor, feel free to contact us and we will share the relevant contacts with you.

For all referees based outside of the USA, please notice we will not be able to assist in the processing of VISAs – only apply if you’re able to get a VISA by yourself.

This is a very competitive event so only a few referees will be selected. For those who don’t make the cut we will aim at offering more tournaments in the coming months – we will need many referees at the end of May for example (in the form below, you’ll find also the May option).


Referees will pay a flat fee of £250.00 or €275.00 which will include

  • Flights to/from the USA in economy class (booked for you)
  • Rental car costs (shared)
  • Petrol costs (shared)
  • Lunch, drinks and snacks on the fields
  • Accommodation from March 8th to 15th in a local hotel or villa
  • Mentoring from national level coaches in the United States, many with experience in the MLS or at international level
  • Some freebies from the main tournament sponsor.

The only things not included in the fee above will be all meals not provided on the fields (eg. dinners) and ESTA/VISA costs.


Referees can also stay for more than one event, so to maximize their experience in America. The only nights where accommodation is not included are the ones in-between tournaments. We have tournaments in the two week before Girls Academy.



Register your interest below, we will contact you asap.