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    Dear All,

    Congratulations on being accepted as referees or observers for next year’s Gothia Cup China, which takes place in Qingdao August 4th-10th.

    A reminder on travel and VISA details for all people coming to China:

    • TRAVEL – please hold off a little bit more before booking your flights. While arrival is currently confirmed for August 3rd/4th 2020, the government is still evaluating whether to anticipate the tournament’s start by 1 or 2 days. The reason is easily explained, during the summer Qingdao can be exposed to some rough weather conditions, and the government is currently evaluating the best days to start the tournament and hold a great opening ceremony. Also, shortly after the tournament Qingdao will host another major event, so cooperation between the two is necessary. We will inform you of the confirmed arrival date very shortly via email. Of course, if your plan is to spend more time in China for holidays and arrive earlier than August 3rd-4th, you could easily start looking but be ready to head down to Qingdao earlier than expected, if the need arises. 
    • AIRPORTS – as a reminder, the closest airport is Qingdao International Airport (TAO). It is a quite important airport but with limited connections outside Asia. Most itineraries will require a connection in China. Another option to travel to Qingdao, which has been the preferred ones in previous years, is to book a flight to either Beijing or Shanghai and take a high speed train from there to Qingdao. The train is about 4h30 from Beijing and 6h30 from Shanghai. Cost is around €40/£40 for one-way in standard class from Beijing. This is the perfect option if you’re considering visiting the outstanding Chinese capital or the bustling Southern metropolis before the tournament. 
    • VISA – most referees will need an L-class VISA to enter China. This is easy to obtain as long as you submit the right paperwork. Instructions on how to obtain a VISA will be posted at a later date. DO NOT request a VISA more than 3 months before your intended entry into China as Chinese L-class VISAs expire after 3 months, whether or used or not. More info can be found on

    We will be in touch via email once arrival and departure dates into Qingdao are confirmed.

    Welcome to China!

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