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    Please confirm here when payment of the experience fee for the IberCup Costa del Sol has been forwarded. 

    As a reminder, the experience fee for next year’s tournament is set at €/£195 and includes:

    – Referee Abroad Membership;
    – Accommodation for the entire tournament in hotel lodging;
    – Full board across the week;
    – Transfers to and from games;
    – a Referee Abroad coin, a Referee Abroad badge for your ref tops, and an exclusive Referee Abroad t-shirt;
    – Observers from across Europe and beyond who will give you feedback on how to improve your refereeing;
    – Games with assistants and fourth officials, and possibility of using communication headsets;
    – Finals in stadiums / possibility of appearing on live TV;
    – A fantastic week of refereeing, friends, and fun!



    Hi – all paid today. Also sent you an email detailing the payment reference etc.


    Louis Frajne

    Hi, like to confirm I have sent payment and an email of proof payment has been sent to the designated accountant, thanks, Louis


    £195 sent through bank transfer, 06/12/2019 09:10
    Reference: AlexBi CostaDelSol


    Hi, I’ve just sent payment for the tournament. Confirmation sent to the email. Greetings. Wojtek


    Harvey Newstead

    Hi, I have just paid the £195 experience fee.

    Thanks, Harvey Newstead.


    Andrea Cafaro

    Hi, All payed today.
    Thank you,



    Vít Slepička

    Hi, I have just paid the fee. Reference: Vít Slepička Costa del Sol

    Thanks. Vít


    Nikolaj Dimitrov

    I have just paid the experience fee.
    Reference: Nikolaj Dimitrov, Costa del Sol

    Thank you.
    Nikolaj Dimitrov


    Jaroslav Kollmann

    today I paid the €195 experience fee. Reference Jaroslav Kollmann IberCup Costa del Sol.
    Thanks. Jaroslav


    Kacper Mendyka

    Hello, I’d like to confirm I’ve done the payment of 195€


    Ramona Bria

    Payment done.


    Michael Paintin

    Good evening

    Just confirming as requested that I’ve paid the £195.

    Cheers, Mike.


    Phoebe Cross


    I have just paid the £195 experience fee.

    Phoebe Cross


    Tim Camsell

    Hi – I have today paid £155 experience fee for the Costa del Sol Tournament (£195 less £40 already paid for my cancelled China Tournament). Thanks Tim Camsell – County Durham, England.

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