Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Dear Referees, Observers, Referee Abroad followers,

We trust you’re keeping safe as the coronavirus starts to impact the majority of European countries, and indeed the World.

We wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with an update on our tournaments, given that sport is being suspended across Europe.

The peak of the virus in southern Europe is expected from early to mid-April, with other countries including the UK a few weeks behind. For this reason our Easter tournaments have been rightly postponed to ensure the safety of all our officials.

Given the medical advice and virus spread patterns, we are confident that the summer tournaments will proceed as normal: they will take place from the end of June, meaning they are more than 3 months away at this moment in time.

Here at Referee Abroad we are committed to guaranteeing a safe environment for all our officials and for this very reason we will keep updating you on the situation, as it develops. Should any tournament be cancelled or postponed we will immediately notify all referees and observers involved.

For the time being we will also stop accepting new referees for all our events. If your application is still pending, please be aware that it will remain so until the situation clears up. Once we know that a tournament is definitely going ahead, we will notify you.

Safety comes first and we will never put at risk any of our referees. We sincerely hope the virus will be an unhappy memory by the summer and the tournaments would be a terrific moment to get back to what we love most!

Naturally in case of any questions or queries don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can email us anytime at

Best Regards,

Daniele Curcio, President & Matthew Day, CEO