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Are you an observer/assessor?

We’re currently looking for qualified observers to join us for our summer international tournaments in Portugal, Spain, France, USA and China.

One of the main objectives for Tournaments Abroad is to help young up-and-coming referees to develop and improve their refereeing skills. This would not be possible without the support of the many observers, from England, Germany and other countries, who come to our events every year.

For 2018 we’re looking for qualified observers for the following tournaments:

–  Ibercup Cascais in Lisbon, Portugal (27th-31st March 2018)

Ibercup Estoril in Lisbon, Portugal (

Ibercup Barcelona in Lloret, Spain (

Paris World Games in Paris, France (7th – 13th July 2018)

Gothia Cup China (13th-19th August 2018)

For more information, please read the dedicated page or take a look at the letter below by our observers coordinator, John D’Arcy.

You can also APPLY here.


To; Observers / Developers

From; John D’Arcy – Observers Co-ordinator

Following on from the announcement that I have joined Tournaments Abroad team to support the strategy that the all the selected tournaments will adopt for 2017-2018 and beyond with regards to Observers and Developers of Match Officials. I have been fortunate to have witnessed the good work many have put into events in Estoril and Paris and know from feedback that this is mirrored across all the competitions. My task is to try and put in place a standardised approach to the events where observers will be invited and the product we supply supports the development of the referees. In a tournament setting it is important that the match officials receive a dynamic post match debrief where any strengths are highlighted and any development opportunities discussed, balanced against the need to reduce the time observers spend after the matches to then returning to their hotels to write match reports late into the evening. I believe that it is the verbal interaction with the match officials which will be the most important aspect to this and then a small report handed to the official at the time or emailed to them shortly after the game. Assistant Referees’ will only receive a verbal debrief. I am currently working on a template which I hope will limit the time you as developers spend with administration and my aim is it will allow you to either print off and hand write /deliver or email to the official(s) later in the day. Having completed this you would then email the form to the designated lead Observer for the tournament and add in the body of the email (not the form) a mark which at present will remain under the UEFA Marking System. The mark will be for the Match Referee and Assistant Referee. No mark will be required for a 4th Official where appointed. I am currently looking at the interest of those willing to support the work already being undertaken across the five nominated tournaments which are – • Ibercup Cascais (27-31 march) • Ibercup Estoril (2-7 July) • Paris World Games (7-13 July) • Ibercup Barcelona (10-14 July) • Gothia Cup China (13-19 August) Once the overall packages are known I will circulate the details but to enable the Leadership team to assess the interest please register on-line at http://www.refereeabroad.com/tournaments/ Alternatively if you have any initial enquiries / questions please email me at darcy030170@sky.com

For your information the selected tournaments for 2017-2018 will be – • Barcelona (10) • Paris (20) • Estoril (10) • Cascais (10) • China (TBC) • Surf Cup (TBC) The exact numbers required are as yet unknown but the largest contingent will be in Paris. I will be looking to ensure we have the right balance at all the tournaments in terms of experience etc across the Observers / Developers team and further information will be circulated as soon they are known. Have a look on the TA Website where some of the dates etc have been released. I offered to support Daniele in this venture as I have enjoyed the tournaments I have been present at and the people I have met and worked alongside. I can assure you I have also developed as a Match Observer back in the UK with the support and guidance from those from the Professional Game as well as our colleagues from UEFA and FIFA.

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