Event Information

Event Type Development

Start Date 07/07/2018

End Date 13/07/2018

Deadline Date 30/04/2018

Event Category All youth categories

Event Fee €55

Event Accomodation Hostel

Event Full

  • Finnish referees at the Paris World Cup 2016

  • Former FIFA Referee Djamel Haimoudi (Algeria)

  • Spanish professional referees at the PWC 2016

  • Coin toss by Referee Amine Ayad (Algeria)

  • Seth Galia (Gibraltar) running the line

  • Matthew MacDermid (Scotland) during the U19s Final

  • Cornwall FA Referees at the Paris World Cup

  • Scottish Referees at the Paris World Cup

  • The London FA Group (and some guests) during the opening ceremony.

  • Referee Director Daniele Curcio with UEFA Referee Observer Peter Frojdfeldt.

  • Dutch referees observed by the Referee Committee.

  • Julian van der Woude (Netherlands) on the line.

  • The referee crew ahead of the U19s boys final.

  • Referees enjoying their free time at the Tour Eiffell.

  • Dutch referees at the Paris World Cup.

Paris World Cup - Video

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Paris World Cup - Photogallery

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Referee Experiences

Viktor Paulinen

The Paris World Cup 2016 was a big pleasure. Very well organised, professional assessors giving their developing feedback, high-skilled teams, wonderful location and new friendships from all around the world. A perfect tournament for every referee.

Viktor PaulinenFinland
Sion Roberts

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Paris. I benefited from officiating games with officials and teams from various different countries. I would highly recommend this tournament to any level of referee

Sion RobertsWales