Tournaments Abroad is a growing refereeing network, as such we need everybody’s help in order to develop our referee development activities.

We are currently looking for people who are passionate about sports and love travelling and the idea of working in event management. In particular, we are looking for people to cover both senior roles in our networks and staff roles during our international summer events.

Successful candidates will get free travel, accommodation, food and a range of other benefits during out events.

If you are interested, please feel out this form and we will be in contact:

Below you can find a brief outline of some of the vacancies currently on offer.

(Please note that, being a not-for-profit organization, we are not in the position of offering a full-time paid position for any of the vacancies below however this will prove to be a great learning experience for whoever will get selected. Expenses will also be paid and, should the end-of-year budget allow it, an additional small contribution may be offered).

Senior Roles

Referee Administration Officer

- Assists the General Manager in keeping track of all referee applications and helps him manage them by making sure all relevant paperwork has been submitted, all deadlines are being respected.

- Works in coordination with the General Manager, the Tournament Directors and Tournament Staff  in order to ensure that all necessary preparations are put in place for a tournament/event to be successful.

- Helps in managing “Tournaments Abroad” profiles on social networks, as well as the website and keeps track of communication via email with referee, assessors and staff.

- Attends tournaments, when necessary, to assist the Referee Director that all goes according to plan.

- Helps the General Manager in making sure that all yearly administrative objectives are met.

In order to apply for this position you should:

- Be able to speak, write and understand English at least at B2 Level (European marking scale). Other European languages are not compulsory, but considered an asset.

- Have a keen interest in refereeing and referee administration

- Previous experience in administrative role, or in managing referees for leagues, committes or tournaments are not compulsory, but considered an asset.

- Have great attention to detail, good communication skills, be capable of working in fast-paced and multicultural environments.

Tournament Staff

During each of our main tournament, we need staff that helps us manage the referee group. This is especially true for tournaments such as the Ibercup and Paris World Cup, where a proper referee department (and office) is set-up every year. Below is a non-exhaustive list of available roles at each event.

Referee Manager

The Referee Manager is responsible, together with the Referee Director, of managing the entire referee group during the tournament. He’s in charge of all staff that belongs to the Referee Office. In order to apply for this role you should have an experience in managing people, have a keen interest in refereeing and be able to communicate correctly in English.

Referee Office

Working under the Referee Manager are the members of the Referee Office. They help the RM in managing all logistics concerning refereeing at the event. No special skills are required other than be able to communicate correctly in English and have a keen interest in refereeing.

Country Representatives

Would you like to represent Tournaments Abroad in your country? then consider becoming a Tournaments Abroad ambassador ! Here’s our current team in the different countries.

You can represent any country in our network but we are particularly looking for a representative for Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Scandinavia and North America.


Just send an email to

The object of the email should be: “Application for (the position you are applying for) – (your name).

Please attach to the email your up-to-date CV and in the body of the email write a short paragraph on your motivations to apply.

Please note that all applicants must also complete a survey in order to be considered, you can find it here (opens in a new tab)

We will then be in touch !