Staff at the 2018 Summer Tournaments

Tournaments Abroad is once again looking for some staff members for the 2018 tournament season.

If you’re interested in an experience with referees from all over the world, in a supporting role such as member of the referee office or referee staff (basically, helping running referee operations), this is the perfect experience for you.

Every year we recruit around 10 staff members to help us manage referees during the Ibercup Cascais, Ibercup Estoril, Ibercup Barcelona and Paris World Games.

Staff members need to fund their own travel to/from the tournament location however are entitled to:

– Free accommodation in 3/4 stars hotel

– Free meals throughout the week

– Free local transport

– A final certificate to state you’ve helped in organizing and running an international tournament.

You can find out more about the different roles on the “Work for Us” page.

If you are interested, send your candidacy to or by filling out our “Staff Questionnaire”.

The questionnaire is available in English (HERE) or Italian (HERE).

You can also contact us on Facebook!

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