Welcome to Referee Abroad, the world’s largest international refereeing network. Referee Abroad is a non-profit organization that aims to unite referees with international tournaments with the objective of expanding their refereeing experience and meeting new cultures both on and off the pitch. Referees in their own right are unique and extraordinary, usually inspired by an internal and natural desire to follow such a passion. Pursuing refereeing abroad with colleagues from across the globe is, in our opinion, the zenith of such a passion.

Referee Abroad welcomes referees from all backgrounds and countries, and all levels.

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Our tournaments are divided into four major levels, this means that we always have a tournament suitable for any kind of referee and level of experience. The majority of our tournaments accept all levels of referees and so this presents a fantastic opportunity to integrate refereeing with a break from the hassle of daily life. Tournaments can help improve each referee – through meeting new colleagues, refereeing in a new country and culture, officiating teams from all continents across the globe. With tournaments providing accommodation and board, and payment too (this depends on the tournament), there is no reason not to try one out.

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  1. I did this year the Universal Youth Cup in Italy. This was a very nice and very instructive experience for me. Beautiful memories, beautiful football and a nice organization. Hopefully I can do this again next year.

  2. Hello refereebroad
    I have visited Norway Cup, gothiacupchina, IMGAcademy USA
    Holland Football University holland
    Canada sports seminar 2019
    I work as volunteer referee in Nepal
    College tournament ,school level tournament, (A division club tournament As assistant referee)
    Thank you

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