The Tournaments Abroad Referee Academy

Tournaments Abroad is delighted to announce the start of a new, innovative project for Referee Education that will take place at tournaments starting from next year: the International Referee Academy. Over the last few years one of the main goals of our network has been to help referees develop their skills to the next level, and we have been thrilled in knowing that many officials have achieved great things after attending our events. When last summer we started working on the Referee Academy project our idea was to find a way to strenghten our vocation to referee development, in a way that young officials could benefit from it even more. And this is the idea we came up with. How will the Tournaments Abroad Referee Academy work?

What is the Referee Academy

The Referee Academy will be a summer educational program for young up-and-coming referees that will take place during our international tournaments. The idea is that of a “summer school” to which referees from different countries and background can take part in order to improve their refereeing and social skills.

While referees in the academy will referee like any other officials participating to the selected tournaments, an additional range of activities will be organized for them: from classroom to training sessions, from more detailed de-briefs by coaches and assessors to a daily evaluation of their performance.

It doesn’t aim at replacing any development activity organized by the national or local FAs, rather to build on the work they do every year for their officials. In short, it will be yet another opportunity for promising referees to strive and shine on the international refereeing stage.

Who can Participate

Every year Tournaments Abroad will select 25 referees for its academy. These officials will be evaluated through a detailed selection process consisting of more phases and levels.

Any referee between the ages of 17 (born in 2000) and 23 (born in 1994) will be able to apply. A few places may be offered for people born in 2001 or 1993, provided that their applications are considered to be “exceptional”.

The selection process will start with an application by the referee on our website (we expect to open applications around the end of November) and will continue throughout December with a range of different tests for all applicants. In January we will then hold the final one-to-one interview to select the final 25.

Where and When will it take place?

As mentioned above, the Referee Academy will be a summer project. Referees who apply for the academy will have to be available to attend two different tournaments with Tournaments Abroad in the same summer.

In the first tournament, the more intensive one, which will take place in July, referees will receive coaching throughout the event. At the end of the week they will then receive a “temporary scorecard” with development points on which to work on during the second tournament, which will instead take place in August.

At the end of the second tournament, a final referee scorecard will be published and released, as well as sent to each referee’s own national FA.

The names and dates of the selected tournaments will be announced just before the application process opens.

The Main Features

Referee in the academy will referee matches during the selected tournaments but will also take place to a number of other activities organized by their coaches and the special Tournament Abroad guests.

These people will work in close contact with the selected referees throughout the week, offering them advice and suggestions on how to improve their refereeing, their style, personality and so on.

In every tournament, referees will be able to count on the support of a minimum of three different coaches, all involved in refereeing at national or international level. Guests will instead be famous  referees and instructors who will be specially invited to the tournament in order to provide their feedback to all academy referees.

In short, an opportunity for young referees from all over Europe (and beyond) to work with the best of the best.

The names of all coaches and guests will be released starting in early December. To have an idea of the calibre of people we are talking about, just take a look to the guests who have taken place to our tournaments in previous years in the page below.

Can I apply for the academy if I have already applied for another tournament?

Yes, you can.

Should you then be selected and  academy activities clash with any of the other tournaments you have applied for, you’ll be asked to choose which one you prefer. If they don’t clash, you can choose whether to attend both or just one.

When will I hear back if my application is successful?

The final selection will be announced in January. Of all applicants though, just some of them will be pre-selected to take part to the tests that will lead to the selection. If you don’t hear back from us by mid-December you should regard your application as unsuccessful.

How much will the academy cost to me?

Referees will be asked to fund their own travel costs to the two tournaments. Nothing else as accommodation and activities will be offered free of charge.

What if I need to pull out?

During the application process you’ll be able to pull out at anytime, should you intend to do so. However, if you are ultimately selected to be part of the academy and then pull out, you’ll incur in penalties that may consist in the exclusion from future tournaments for quite some time.

The Referees of the Academy

Level 1 Referees
Artin Afshari
Artin Afshari, 20, Level X Referee from Calgary, Canada.
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Bailey, 22, Level 5 Referee from Winchester, England.
Bryan Bijnens
Bryan Bijnens, 21, Division 2 AR, from Neeroeteren, Belgium.
Euan Birch
Euan Ross Birch, 22, Category 3 Referee from Glasgow, Scotland.
Kieran Chell
Kieran Chell, 18, Level 5 Referee from Lancashire, England.
Mitch Das
Mitch Das, 23, Division 3 Referee from Bree, Belgium.
Daniel Dorgelo
Daniel Dorgelo, 23, Class 4 Referee from Emmen, Netherlands.
Luis Esmoris
Luis Esmoris Ruiz de Alegria, 18, "Regional Preferente" Referee, from Oviedo, Spain.
Gian Feller
Gian Feller, 18, 4 Liga Talent Referee from Bern, Switzerland.
Carlos Fernandez Buergo
Carlos Fernandez Buergo, 22, Segunda B Referee, from Oviedo, Spain.
Mauritz Grendin
Mauritz Grendin, 22, Division 4 Referee from Umea, Sweden.
Gabriel Henry
Gabriel Henry, 18, JAF Referee from Paris, France.
Felix Hoffmann
Felix Hoffmann, 19, Bezirksliga Referee from Bad Wörishofen, Germany.
Sander Braten Johannesen
Sander Braten Johannesen, 23, Division 3 Referee from Bergen, Norway.
Bartosz Kasinski
Bartosz Kasinski, 21, Level 3 Referee from Katowice, Poland.
Claes Knutsson
Claes Knutsson, 21, Division 4 Referee from Karlstad, Sweden.
Robert Lauri
Robert Lauri, 22, Level 2 Referee from Viimsi, Estonia.
Szymon Michniewicz
Szymon Michniewicz, 21, Level 3 Referee from Lodz, Poland.
Viktor Paulinen
Victor Paulinen, 19, Division 4 Referee from Helsinki, Finland.
Marvin Schories
Marvin Schories, 18, Bezirksliga Referee from Hamburg, Germany.
Level 2 Referees
Clement Auclair
Clement Auclair, 18, Regional Referee from Bordeaux, France.
Oscar Avilés Hernández
Oscar Aviles Hernandez, 21, Regional Referee from Seville, Spain.
James Byng
James Byng, 18, Level 5 Referee from Portsmouth, England.
Seth Galia
Seth Galia, 17, Level 2 Referee from Gibraltar.
Wojciech Gryczka
Wojciech Gryczka, 19, Level 7 Referee from Kwidzyn, Poland.
David Herzig
David Herzig, 24, Level X Referee from Furth, Germany.
Steven Hoefkens
Steven Hoefkens, 20, Division 4 Referee from Antwerp, Belgium.
Jason Hon
Jason Hon, 21, Level 6 Referee, from Hong Kong.
Antoine Jaquet
Antoine Jaquet, 18, Regional Youth Referee from Bordeaux, France.
Kuba Karczevski
Kuba Karczevski, 17, Level 7 Referee from Gdansk, Poland.
Kieran Kennedy
Kieran Kennedy, 20, Category 6 Referee from Edinburgh, Scotland.
Gabriel Longoni
Gabriel Longoni, 22, Level X Referee from Vienna, Austria.
Pierre Lebot
Pierre Lebot, 23, Level X Referee from Angers, France.
Jeremy Muller
Jeremy Muller, 22, Division 2 Referee from Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.
Kristian Michel
Kristian Michel,22, Level 3 Referee from Stropkov, Slovakia.
Givi Todua
Givi Todua, 22, Level 4 Referee from Sunderland, England.
Zacharias Vaisbord
Zacharias Vaisbord, 17, Division 7 Referee from Erfurt, Germany.
Florian Vokuhl
Florian Vokuhl, 21, Level X Referee from Trier, Germany.
Adam Warner
Adam Warner, 20, Level 5 Referee from Worcester, England.

The Academy Staff

Daniele Curcio
Academy Director - ITALY
Patrick Neuwirth
Academy Coordinator - AUSTRIA
Niclas Erdmann
Technical Advisor - GERMANY
Coaches L1

To be Announced (April 2017)

Some exciting names are coming …

Developers L1

To be Announced (April 2017)

Some exciting names are coming …

Observers L1

To be Announced (April 2017)

Some exciting names are coming …

Coaches L2

To be Announced (April 2017)

Some exciting names are coming …


The 3 best referees from the Academy will be rewarded with a place on the following year’s elite tournaments in the Netherlands and Czech Republic.

Represented Countries


Apply for the 2018 edition of the TA Referee Academy

The TA Referee Academy 2nd edition will take place in the summer of 2018. Referees for the 2nd edition will be selected as follows:

Level 1

- The 4 best Level 1 referees from 1st edition will be invited back.

- The 5 best Level 2 referees from the 1st edition will be invited to Level 1.

- The 5 best referees from the 2017 Pre-Academy will be invited to Level 1.

-  The 6 best new applicants will then be invited.

Level 2

-  10 more referees from the 2017 Pre-Academy will be invited to Level 2.

- 10 more new applicants will then be invited.