Tournaments Abroad has successfully worked with tens of international tournaments, across Europe and the world.

99% of those who have trusted in Tournaments Abroad have never gone back: our catalogue of tournaments just keeps on growing.

So whether your tournament is keen on inviting some international standard referees in order to add some prestige to its name or if it wishes to leave the Referee sector in the capable hands of Tournaments Abroad, we can meet every request.

Below are the answers to some of the most frequent queries we received. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ link above.

1. How are referees selected and how does the tournament learn the potential referee’s license status and experience?

Referees are selected according to the requirements that each tournament sets. Hence, you could give us an idea of the usual level/grade of referees you use for your tournament and we can then gather together referees of similar standards.

We also use the references from the local referees’ association/section and gather together the appropriate identification with regards to their qualification/accreditation as a referee. We frequently also ask for a letter from this association with regards to the level of the referee and when he qualified – and this of course we can share with you and the tournament.

We have referees off all levels, of course, ranging from those at lower levels, to the majority who referee at semi-professional or higher level, and even three who are or have been FIFA referees. Therefore, we hope to be able to offer the tournament a group of suitable referees.

2. How are referees compensated and their expenses paid?

The typical arrangement between tournaments and referees is that the officials pay for their flight while the tournament provides accommodation, board, transfers from the local airport if possible, and various tournaments also pay the referees either a set fee or for every game officiated – however, this is not obligatory. Instead, some tournaments offer an extra night or two in the accommodation so the referee can enjoy a little vacation alongside officiating in the tournament. But we are open to suggestions regarding this.

3. How much time before a tournament are these arrangements finalized?

Typically for European tournaments, we provide the referee list at least four weeks prior to the tournament. Our own rules request that referees have confirmed their participation and booked their flight at least six weeks before the tournament start date.

For instance, at this moment, we have nearly finalized the referee lists for the tournaments this summer, i.e. those in July, and are in constant contact with the tournaments, updating them with the latest names and these referees’ relevant details regarding their qualification, etc. So while a month is the minimum, usually much more notice is given.

4. Does your organization conduct these discussions on behalf of the tournament and the interested referee, or do you refer the names and contact information to the tournament director so that the two can communicate directly?

Our organization does indeed act as the medium in these discussions. But, as mentioned above, we are in constant contact with the tournament and forward them the relevant names and documents with regards to the referees. Normal procedure is for the tournament and the organization to agree, via a legally-binding contract, beforehand the number of (foreign) referees that can attend the tournament. We then aim to meet this number and pass over to the tournament the full details of all the referees.

5. Can you provide more details of how your program works?

So, a reasonably brief summary of how Tournaments Abroad works!

We work as an exchange between tournaments across the world and referees, also from every part of the globe. We have agreements with tournaments in three continents, with the vast majority in Europe. They rely on us to bring referees to their tournament, apart from those based in the country of that tournament (usually). This might be because they are fascinated to see and use referees from other cultures, to give their tournament a more international feel, to improve the quality of officiating, or also because there is a need for referees from other, new nations because of the international flavor and diversity of the teams in the tournament.

Hence, we act to gather referees of every background and any nation together. It can be hard work to search referees from any given country or randomly attempt to find some new, foreign referees. So, we work to this effect as aficionados of these foreign tournaments! Our chief objective is to ensure referees can explore fresh places, meet new colleagues and try fresh cultures while testing themselves in fantastic, international tournaments.

We agree a contact with each referee and with each tournament. This is to ensure both sides know what they are offering and/or receiving and what is expected of/from them. And, at the moment, we can say that the tournaments have been very happy with our organization and referees, and we are continually adding new tournaments too, thanks in part to this.