TA Senior Management with UEFA Referee Observer Jozef Marko and Premier League Referee Coach Eddie Wolstenholme

New: The Tournaments Abroad Pre-Academy

Many of you are now familiar with Tournaments Abroad’s latest referee development project – The TA Referee Academy. A program thanks to which young and promising referees from all around Europe will be able to train, while refereeing international tournaments, with professional referees and coaches from UEFA, FIFA, and the Premier League and other top leagues.

You can read more about the “TA Referee Academy” here.

As the first year of this exciting program starts, we are already thinking about the selection of the referees for the 2nd edition of the TA Referee Academy, which will take place in 2018.

While the 40 referees (see who they are) for this year’s Academy were selected only based on their results in a number of tests, 50% of the places for next year’s Academy will be awarded to referees who participate in the “Pre-Academy Program in 2017″. But what exactly is the “Pre-Academy”?

What is the Pre-Academy

Referees who wish to sign up to the “Pre-Academy” will have to attend one of our tournaments as normal referees, just like any other. However, as they are “Pre-Academy” referees, they will be guaranteed more opportunities to show their qualities, they will be observed more often by our staff and, should they perform well, they might earn a direct invitation to next year’s Academy, without having to go through a selection process.

Where can Pre-Academy referees go to?

The only tournaments that will be awarded “Pre-Academy” places are the Paris World Cup and the Ibercup Estoril. Why? because those are the tournaments where our staff and observers will be more present. Sign up for one of these two tournaments if you’d like to become a “Pre-Academy” referee.

Is there a maximum number of Pre-Academy referees?

Yes, only 20 referees will be allowed to be included in the “Pre-Academy” at the Paris World Cup, and only 10 will be considered for the Ibercup Estoril.

How can I ask to be a “Pre-Academy” referee?

You only need to apply for one of our tournaments through this form. Once you are contacted by a member of our staff to confirm your participation, you should say you’d like to be a “Pre-Academy” referee.


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