First Nepalese Referee!

One of the goals of Tournaments Abroad is to allow young referees from all around the globe to experience international refereeing. Over the years, officials from more than 40 different countries and all six continents have become part of the Tournaments Abroad family.

In 2018 we will, for the first time, welcome a referee from the beautiful himalayan country of Nepal. Sanjay Karki is 23 years old and is a qualified referee for the All Nepal Football Association. He will be attending the Ibercup Cascais in Lisbon, Portugal and the Paris World Games in Paris, France.

Hello Sanjay, nice to meet you. You are the 1st ever Nepalese referee to take part to one of the events organized by Tournaments Abroad. How does it feel?

First of all, I’d really like to thank everybody at Tournaments Abroad for giving me this huge opportunity. I’d like to thank Mr Daniele Curcio for believing and encouraging me to be part of these fantastic events. Being able to represent our Motherland is for me an unbelievable opportunity, and a very proud moment. I can’t deny there is also a lot of pressure on me, being the first ever Nepalese referee. It’s really a unique opportunity for me.

Tell us a bit about your refereeing career. When did you become a referee? and how does refereeing work in Nepal?

I started refereeing in August 2012 after completing my referee course. Since that I’ve never looked back and taken refereeing as my profession. Refereeing in Nepal is not easy, you have to deal with a lot of pressure and problems, especially the players who don’t know the laws of the game.  In Nepal there are two levels of refereeing: National and FIFA. In order to attain National status you need to prove to have good experience and good knowledge of the laws of the game, and also passion for refereeing. If you succeed in all this, you may get FIFA status after a recommendation from the All Nepal Football Association.

You’re attending two different tournaments this year – The Ibercup Cascais in Lisbon, Portugal and the Paris World Games in France. What are your expectations about these events? What do you think you will learn from them?

Becoming a referee for Tournaments Abroad is for me a huge opportunity and a life changing moment. I believe it’s the same for every referee. I’m really looking forward to the Ibercup Cascais and the Paris World Games. I hope I will learn new things after meeting so many referees from so many different countries, and I hope I will also make new friends with whom I can share thoughts and ideas. I’m sure that thanks to these tournaments I’ll be able to broaden my knowledge of refereeing, and take my refereeing to the next level.

Are you looking forward to working with referees and observers from 15 other countries? How are you preparing ahead of the event?

I am, very much. I love the idea of working with observers and referees from Europe, America and a lot of different nations. They will help me a lot. I’m trying to be prepared both physically and mentally for the upcoming events. For example, I’m watching a lot of refereeing videos, refreshing the laws of the game and increasing my fitness levels too.

“Counting on the first ever Nepalese referee is a great honour for us, we hope this is just the start and we will be able to get more and more Asian referees involved in our project in the future”, said Tournaments Abroad President Daniele Curcio. Nepal is the 53rd country to be represented by one of his own referees in a Tournaments Abroad event.

Thank you Sanjay, we look forward to working with you very soon!
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