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We are currently looking for some people who would like to help us during this summer’s tournaments as staff.

Every year, at our tournaments, we manage up to 200 people (referees, observers, instructors) and, in order to do that properly, we need some good members of staff. While most of our “senior” positions are occupied by people who’ve been helping us out for a number of years, we welcome also new people who are passionate about refereeing and willing to give a hand.

These positions are temporary and NOT paid, however you can expect expenses paid (travel, hotel, food and local transport), as well as a great experience together with referees, players, coaches and football people from more than 50 people worldwide. Should you need it for your studies or CV, we are also happy to provide you with a statement or letter, after the event, which says what you’ve done for us and for the tournament.

At the moment we are especially looking for people for the Paris World Cup which takes place in France from July 7th to July 13th. In particular we will need people covering the following roles:

- Positions in the Referee Office, helping our Referee Coordinators managing all referee activities.

- Field and Hotel Referee Leaders, coordinating referees, observers and staff in specific areas of the city.

We are especially looking for young people who are passionate about sports, sports management or refereeing. You should also be passionate about managing groups of people, be flexible and able to solve problems and work in a multicultural team. You should be fluent in English, while French and other languages will be considered assets.

If you are interested you can submit your application at one of the following two links:

In English

In Italian

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