The Referees of the Paris World Games 2017

The 3rd edition of the Paris World Games is now just a little more than a month away and the tournament’s officials have now been selected.

For yet another year, we break a record in the number of countries represented by the referees.

156 referees will in fact be involved in this year’s event, coming from more than 30 different countries.

To you all, welcome to Paris! we look forward to working with you from July 7th to July 13th.

The Referees of the Paris World Games 2017 (opens in a new tab)

The Coaches of the TA Referee Academy

Here at Tournaments Abroad we’re incredibly proud of the professionals who have offered their help and support for what will be the 1st edition of the “TA Referee Academy”, our newest effort in referee development.

Launching this summer, the TA Referee Academy is a development scheme aimed at offering advice, support and feedback to 40 young referees that have been selected from 300+ applications around Europe. The referees, who have been divided into two levels, will attend tournaments in Spain, France, Norway and Denmark during which they’ll be coaches by referee instructors and observers from the highest level of the game many of whom are or have been FIFA and UEFA officials.

It is now time to announce who the coaches will be for this 1st edition. Here’s a comprehensive list.

If you want to find out more about the “TA Referee Academy” or apply for consideration for the 2018 edition, please visit the dedicated page at this link.



Andy Himsworth
David Waller
George Cain
Alfonso Vicente Moral
Adrian Bacarisa

Read more about our L1 coaches here.



Sten Klaasen
Gregor Rojko
Detelin Baialtzaliev
Ian Blanchard
Richard Storey

Read more about our L1 developers here.



Jozef Marko
Uno Tutk
Djamel Haimoudi
Adrian Casha

Read more about our L1 observers here.



Donald MacKinnon
George Cain
Craig Napier
Steve Brand
Alfonso Vicente Moral
Art Mitchell

Read more about our L2 coaches here.

Alan Snoddy

TOP UEFA Observer at the Ibercup Costa del Sol

Alan Snoddy is one of the UEFA’s most well known and influential referee observers. A regular presence on the Champions League and Europa League, where he assesses the performance of officials the likes of Bjorn Kuipers and Nicola Rizzoli, is himself a former FIFA World Cup Referee.

We are happy to announce that Alan has accepted Tournaments Abroad’s invitation to attend this year’s Ibercup Costa del Sol in Marbella, Spain. He will be supporting the Referee Committee in evaluating the referees’ performance and deciding who deserved to be appointed to the finals.

Here’s a short CV of Mr Snoddy:

-  FIFA Referee from 1980 to 2000

- FIFA World Cup Referee at Mexico 1986 and Italy 1990

- Referee Observer for UEFA and FIFA in the Champions League and Europa League

- Former Referee Development Office of the Northern Irish FA

- Current President of the Referee Committee for the FA of Cyprus.

- UEFA Core coach.

Read more on Wikipedia.

Alan Snoddy

Staff at Tournaments

We are looking for Staff

We are currently looking for some people who would like to help us during this summer’s tournaments as staff.

Every year, at our tournaments, we manage up to 200 people (referees, observers, instructors) and, in order to do that properly, we need some good members of staff. While most of our “senior” positions are occupied by people who’ve been helping us out for a number of years, we welcome also new people who are passionate about refereeing and willing to give a hand.

These positions are temporary and NOT paid, however you can expect expenses paid (travel, hotel, food and local transport), as well as a great experience together with referees, players, coaches and football people from more than 50 people worldwide. Should you need it for your studies or CV, we are also happy to provide you with a statement or letter, after the event, which says what you’ve done for us and for the tournament.

At the moment we are especially looking for people for the Paris World Cup which takes place in France from July 7th to July 13th. In particular we will need people covering the following roles:

- Positions in the Referee Office, helping our Referee Coordinators managing all referee activities.

- Field and Hotel Referee Leaders, coordinating referees, observers and staff in specific areas of the city.

We are especially looking for young people who are passionate about sports, sports management or refereeing. You should also be passionate about managing groups of people, be flexible and able to solve problems and work in a multicultural team. You should be fluent in English, while French and other languages will be considered assets.

If you are interested you can submit your application at one of the following two links:

In English

In Italian

TA Senior Management with UEFA Referee Observer Jozef Marko and Premier League Referee Coach Eddie Wolstenholme

New: The Tournaments Abroad Pre-Academy

Many of you are now familiar with Tournaments Abroad’s latest referee development project – The TA Referee Academy. A program thanks to which young and promising referees from all around Europe will be able to train, while refereeing international tournaments, with professional referees and coaches from UEFA, FIFA, and the Premier League and other top leagues.

You can read more about the “TA Referee Academy” here.

As the first year of this exciting program starts, we are already thinking about the selection of the referees for the 2nd edition of the TA Referee Academy, which will take place in 2018.

While the 40 referees (see who they are) for this year’s Academy were selected only based on their results in a number of tests, 50% of the places for next year’s Academy will be awarded to referees who participate in the “Pre-Academy Program in 2017″. But what exactly is the “Pre-Academy”?

What is the Pre-Academy

Referees who wish to sign up to the “Pre-Academy” will have to attend one of our tournaments as normal referees, just like any other. However, as they are “Pre-Academy” referees, they will be guaranteed more opportunities to show their qualities, they will be observed more often by our staff and, should they perform well, they might earn a direct invitation to next year’s Academy, without having to go through a selection process.

Where can Pre-Academy referees go to?

The only tournaments that will be awarded “Pre-Academy” places are the Paris World Cup and the Ibercup Estoril. Why? because those are the tournaments where our staff and observers will be more present. Sign up for one of these two tournaments if you’d like to become a “Pre-Academy” referee.

Is there a maximum number of Pre-Academy referees?

Yes, only 20 referees will be allowed to be included in the “Pre-Academy” at the Paris World Cup, and only 10 will be considered for the Ibercup Estoril.

How can I ask to be a “Pre-Academy” referee?

You only need to apply for one of our tournaments through this form. Once you are contacted by a member of our staff to confirm your participation, you should say you’d like to be a “Pre-Academy” referee.


Live from Cascais

Hello from Cascais, Portugal. 

We’re live from the Ibercup Cascais, our first tournament in 2017.

The Easter edition of the prestigious Ibercup Estoril is taking place for the first time this year in Cascais, a lovely seaside city not far from Lisbon.

For this year’s edition 58 referees from 15 different nations are taking part. This year’s officials represent in fact the following countries:  Austria, Brasil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Wales.

The referees are having a blast. According to the tournament’s Referee Director Matthew Day, “the level of officiating seen so far has been top class, one of the best of all editions of the Ibercup. Teams are all happy with the referees, and so are the tournament’s officials. The referees should be proud of their performance as we go into the knock-out phase of the competition”.

At this link are a few pictures taken in the last few days. We will keep you updated as the tournament continues.

If you’d like to join us for the next editions of this great tournament, make sure you check out the pages dedicated to the Ibercup Estoril and the Ibercup Barcelona and apply!

California Dreamin’

Tournaments Abroad are happy to announce yet another exciting opportunity for our referees.

We have in fact reached an agreement with two of America’s top youth soccer tournaments which, starting from this year, will start accepting European referee at their events, carefully selected for by  Tournaments Abroad.

Both events take place in California in the month of July, a perfect opportunity for all officials interested in combining a great development opportunity with some holidays in what is one of the world’s top holiday destinations.

The first event takes place in Northern California, in the city of Davis which is about half way between the state’s capital of Sacramento and world-famous San Francisco. It’s organised over two week-ends,  a girls competition (played July 14th-17th), and a boys competition (played July 21st-24th).

The second event, which is one of the biggest in America, is played in the Southern Californian city of San Diego, home to some of the state’s finest beaches, and is also played over two week-ends, one for the competition in the older age brackets (July 28th-31st), and one for the junior (August 4th-7th).

Referees selected by Tournaments Abroad will receive:

- Free accommodation based on double occupancy on the tournaments weekends.

- Free breakfast and lunch on tournament days.

- A partial reinbursement for travel expenses, based on the number of games refereed.

- Free referee coaching during the events.

The only expenses for referees will be: – Travel to/from the United States. – Travel/health insurance. – Travel expenses for the days between the different tournaments. Each referee can choose whether to do one or more events. Interested, want to know more or apply? here’s how.

To apply, simply fill our the form available at this link

To know more you can contact Tournaments Abroad’s President Daniel Curcio, who is also responsible for the project. You can contact him on Facebook or write an email with the subject “California” to


The Referees of the TA Referee Academy

Today we introduce to you the referees for the 1st edition of the TA Referee Academy, Europe’s newest and innovative referee development project.

More than 400 referees applied for this great opportunity and, after a detailed selection process, 40 officials were selected to participate. They represent 18 different countries.

20 referees will take part to Level 1 of the Academy, which will take place at our tournaments in Paris (the Paris World Cup) and Oslo (the Norway Cup) in July 2017.

The remaining 20 will instead be at Level 2 of the Academy, and will instead participate to our events in San Sebastian (the Donosti Cup) and Esbjerg (the Ibercup Scandinavia).

During these two weeks they will be coached, mentored and assessed by our qualified team of referee instructors and professionals, some of whom regularly feature at UEFA and FIFA level.

Want to know more about the TA Referee Academy or register your interest for the 2nd edition which will take place during the summer of 2018? then take a look here.

Here are the referees. Congratulations to them all for being selected, and we look forward to working together next summer!

Level 1

Artin Afshari
Artin Afshari, 20, Level X Referee from Calgary, Canada.
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Bailey, 22, Level 5 Referee from Winchester, England.
Bryan Bijnens
Bryan Bijnens, 21, Division 2 AR, from Neeroeteren, Belgium.
Euan Birch
Euan Ross Birch, 22, Category 3 Referee from Glasgow, Scotland.
Kieran Chell
Kieran Chell, 18, Level 5 Referee from Lancashire, England.
Mitch Das
Mitch Das, 23, Division 3 Referee from Bree, Belgium.
Daniel Dorgelo
Daniel Dorgelo, 23, Class 4 Referee from Emmen, Netherlands.
Luis Esmoris
Luis Esmoris Ruiz de Alegria, 18, "Regional Preferente" Referee, from Oviedo, Spain.
Gian Feller
Gian Feller, 18, 4 Liga Talent Referee from Bern, Switzerland.
Carlos Fernandez Buergo
Carlos Fernandez Buergo, 22, Segunda B Referee, from Oviedo, Spain.
Mauritz Grendin
Mauritz Grendin, 22, Division 4 Referee from Umea, Sweden.
Gabriel Henry
Gabriel Henry, 18, JAF Referee from Paris, France.
Felix Hoffmann
Felix Hoffmann, 19, Bezirksliga Referee from Bad Wörishofen, Germany.
Sander Braten Johannesen
Sander Braten Johannesen, 23, Division 3 Referee from Bergen, Norway.
Bartosz Kasinski
Bartosz Kasinski, 21, Level 3 Referee from Katowice, Poland.
Claes Knutsson
Claes Knutsson, 21, Division 4 Referee from Karlstad, Sweden.
Robert Lauri
Robert Lauri, 22, Level 2 Referee from Viimsi, Estonia.
Szymon Michniewicz
Szymon Michniewicz, 21, Level 3 Referee from Lodz, Poland.
Viktor Paulinen
Victor Paulinen, 19, Division 4 Referee from Helsinki, Finland.
Marvin Schories
Marvin Schories, 18, Bezirksliga Referee from Hamburg, Germany.

Level 2

Clement Auclair
Clement Auclair, 18, Regional Referee from Bordeaux, France.
Oscar Avilés Hernández
Oscar Aviles Hernandez, 21, Regional Referee from Seville, Spain.
James Byng
James Byng, 18, Level 5 Referee from Portsmouth, England.
Seth Galia
Seth Galia, 17, Level 2 Referee from Gibraltar.
Wojciech Gryczka
Wojciech Gryczka, 19, Level 7 Referee from Kwidzyn, Poland.
David Herzig
David Herzig, 24, Level X Referee from Furth, Germany.
Steven Hoefkens
Steven Hoefkens, 20, Division 4 Referee from Antwerp, Belgium.
Jason Hon
Jason Hon, 21, Level 6 Referee, from Hong Kong.
Antoine Jaquet
Antoine Jaquet, 18, Regional Youth Referee from Bordeaux, France.
Kuba Karczevski
Kuba Karczevski, 17, Level 7 Referee from Gdansk, Poland.
Kieran Kennedy
Kieran Kennedy, 20, Category 6 Referee from Edinburgh, Scotland.
Gabriel Longoni
Gabriel Longoni, 22, Level X Referee from Vienna, Austria.
Pierre Lebot
Pierre Lebot, 23, Level X Referee from Angers, France.
Jeremy Muller
Jeremy Muller, 22, Division 2 Referee from Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.
Kristian Michel
Kristian Michel,22, Level 3 Referee from Stropkov, Slovakia.
Givi Todua
Givi Todua, 22, Level 4 Referee from Sunderland, England.
Zacharias Vaisbord
Zacharias Vaisbord, 17, Division 7 Referee from Erfurt, Germany.
Florian Vokuhl
Florian Vokuhl, 21, Level X Referee from Trier, Germany.
Adam Warner
Adam Warner, 20, Level 5 Referee from Worcester, England.

First Tournament in Japan!

japan It’s now OFFICIAL.

Tournaments Abroad will be heading to Japan next summer. European and American referees will have the opportunity of refereeing in yet a new edition of the Ibercup, the world’s most famous series of youth football tournaments.

The Ibercup Japan will take place in Gotenba, near Tokyo and Mt. Fuji, from August 22nd to August 26th. For this particular tournament we’re looking for up to 20 referees, all ages, nationalities and levels are welcome. As a referee you’ll be entitled to:

- Free accommodation in multiple rooms in a local hotel (likely to be Hotel Tokinosumika)

- Free food for the entire duration of the tournament (3 meals/day)

- Free local transport from accommodation to the venues and back.

- Free airport transfers to/from Tokyo airport (about 100 km away).

The only cost of referees will be travel (flights to/from Tokyo) and a small participation fee of €45 (or equivalent in £).

The tournament will see the participation of both Japanese and foreign referees and assessors. We expect a total of around 150 teams to take part for what will immediatly become one of Asia’s biggest youth football tournaments. Age categories will be Boys 11-13-14 and Girls 16.

Referees can expect to officiate 2-3 games per day, both as referees and assistant referees, and will also have some free time every day to visit Japan.

You can read more about Gotenba, the city where the tournament will take place, here.

INTERESTED? You can express your interest or apply by filling out the form you can find here.