Tournaments Abroad’s first goal is to provide referees with valuable opportunities and experiences to improve their refereeing skills and abilities. This would not be possible if at our tournaments we didn’t offer them coaching and advice on how to improve, how to be good referees both on and off the field of play.

In order to do so we are always looking for qualified assessors/observers who are willing to take part to our events and help the referee committee in evaluating the referees performances.

Currently, we need assessors for four of our international tournaments (click on the names to check each tournament’s page and apply).

Ibercup Cascais (Portugal), Ibercup Estoril (Portugal), Ibercup Barcelona (Spain), Paris World Games (France)

A great, unique international assessing experience modelled on both referees and assessors !

Why not trust what this gentleman has to say?

David Fuller

David Fuller is an assessor from West Riding FA in England. He has participated to the Iber Cup in Portugal in two different editions offering development advice to our young up and coming referees. He has a great deal of experience both refereeing in the UK and abroad having participated numerous times to the world-renowed Dallas Cup international tournament in the USA. He is also the chairman of the Referee Committee at West Riding FA.

Hello Dave, let’s start with a simple question: in 3 words, how would you describe the Iber Cup? 

An opportunity and an experience  (5 words!)

And how would you describe your experience as an assessor at the tournament instead? 

Assessing gave me another perspective and I thoroughly enjoyed the task in hand. Observing referees from different countries was challenging due to the varying styles and way the competences are coached and I had to adapt to their ‘ways of working’ in order to fairly evaluate their performance. It also gave me the opportunity to work with fellow Contributory Leagues assessors and observe and learn from their approach to the task.

What do you think of the referees there? Have you seen any bright refereeing prospect? 

The Iber Cup provides referees a platform to be put in situations they have never been in before providing testing conditions and teach them valuable lessons that will no doubt aid their refereeing back home in their home countries.

What would be your suggestions to all those assessors who are considering the possibility of attending the Iber Cup in the future? 

Grasp hold of the opportunity.  Observing two games a day and writing up the assessments is certainly not a holiday; there is free time to visit Lisbon and the stadiums of Sporting and Benfica and on the social side you will make new friends in both the assessing and refereeing community from home and abroad.

David FullerChairman West Riding FA Referees Committee