Referees from Latvia at the Paris World Games

Tournaments Abroad is happy to announce today the partnership with yet another new national FA, the Latvian Football Federation.

The Latvian referee department, led by FIFA referee Aleksandrs Anufrijevs, has in fact decided to send 3 of its young up-and-coming national referees, alongside one observer, to this year’s Paris World Games, which take place July 7th-13th in Paris, France.

The referee selected are:

Jevgenijs Keziks (referee)

Arturs Sakurovs (assistant referee)

Nikita Ivlevs (assistant referee)

The observer will instead be Jurijs Popovicenko.

“We are very happy to welcome representative of the Latvian FA to our tournament”, said Tournaments Abroad’s President Daniele Curcio, “it will be a great opportunity both for our tournament and for the development of these young referees in an international environment”.

All three referees are in fact part of the Latvian Referee Academy, an educational program set-up by the national FA to select the top-class referees of the future.

This year’s Paris World Games will be the most international ever, with around 150 referees from 30 different nations.

Welcome Latvia to Tournaments Abroad, and the Paris World Games!

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