Alan Snoddy

TOP UEFA Observer at the Ibercup Costa del Sol

Alan Snoddy is one of the UEFA’s most well known and influential referee observers. A regular presence on the Champions League and Europa League, where he assesses the performance of officials the likes of Bjorn Kuipers and Nicola Rizzoli, is himself a former FIFA World Cup Referee.

We are happy to announce that Alan has accepted Tournaments Abroad’s invitation to attend this year’s Ibercup Costa del Sol in Marbella, Spain. He will be supporting the Referee Committee in evaluating the referees’ performance and deciding who deserved to be appointed to the finals.

Here’s a short CV of Mr Snoddy:

-  FIFA Referee from 1980 to 2000

- FIFA World Cup Referee at Mexico 1986 and Italy 1990

- Referee Observer for UEFA and FIFA in the Champions League and Europa League

- Former Referee Development Office of the Northern Irish FA

- Current President of the Referee Committee for the FA of Cyprus.

- UEFA Core coach.

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Alan Snoddy

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