Partnership with the CONIFA World Cup 2018

Tournaments Abroad are happy to announce the official agreement with CONIFA, the World Federation of the non-recognized nations, to provide referees for the upcoming edition of the Conifa World Cup, which will take place in London, England from May 31st to June 10th 2018.

This great competition will see the participation of the best teams hailing from non-recognized or partially-recognized nation around the World. European Champions Padania (crowned at the recent Euro 2017 in Northern Cyprus) will participate alongside other teams such as the Kiribati Islands, the Isle of Man, Northern Cyprus, Abkhazia and Cascadia.

“This is a great opportunity for all our referees to experience officiating in a World Cup”, said Tournaments Abroad’s President Daniele Curcio. “Having participated as a guest to the recent Euro 2017 competition in Northern Cyprus, I witnessed first-hand the amazing level of play and the professionalism of the Conifa referee group. For any TA referee it will be a great and rewarding challenge to participate in such an high-level competition”.

“For Tournaments Abroad it’s an honour to be invited to send a team of officials to this renowned competition”, he added, “a statement to the work we’ve done over the years to establish Tournaments Abroad as the world’s leading international refereeing network”.

More information will be provided to all interested referees in the coming months, and selection of referees is likely to start in November. We will be sending 2 referees and 2 assistants to this tournament.

For more information on FIFCO and its World Cup, visit the official website here:

The teams of the CONIFA World Cup 2018 (click image)

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