Four new Staff members

Tournaments Abroad is happy to announce the appointment of four new staff members.

John D’Arcy of England will be Tournaments Abroad’s new Observers coordinator. In his position, he will be responsible for the selection and appointment of all referee observers and assessors to all events in our network. He will also work on standardising all the TA competitions in relation to the observers and the support offered to referees.

John has been involved in Refereeing for over 30 years and works for the English County FA of Kent. In his active days John was fortunate to have officiated on the FA Premier League, Football League as well as the Contributory Leagues in the late 90’s. He is currently the co-ordinator for the Kent FA Advanced CORE which manages referees at Level 4 and is also a FA Match Observer. John is also the Referees Officer of one the UK’s largest youth competitions with over 100 officials appointed every weekend. Recently John has been awarded an ‘Outstanding Contribution Award to Refereeing’ by the Kent FA.
Fabrice Foures of Nimes, France is the new coordinator for Tournaments Abroad in France. Having participated to the Ibercup Cascais and the Paris World Cup previously, where he led the French referee groups, he will now be coordinator for the selection and appointment of all French officials to TA competitions. This will guarantee that all referees from France are properly vetted and selected according to their ability levels for all of our tournaments. Also, he will be the main point of contact for French referees who need more information about Tournaments Abroad or any of our events.
Mick Brants of the Netherlands will instead take over as the new Referee Administration Officer. In this newly created position, he will be responsible for taking care of all admin work before the start of the tournament season. This includes but is not limited to checking the paperwork provided by the referees (letters of permissions from the FA, child protection certificates etc.), and that referees follow and respect processes and deadlines to officialise their participation to the tournaments they’ve been accepted for. He will also act, when needed, as staff member during some of TA’s summer tournaments.
Craig Napier of Glasgow, Scotland has instead been appointed as the new TA Pre-Academy Coordinator. In this role he will oversee all activities of the Pre-Academy such as the selection of the referees, the running of all referee operations during the Pre-Academy tournament and so on. Craig, a veteran of Tournaments Abroad with whom he has attended more than 10 different events in the past few years, is a Level 1 (National) referee in Scotland, where he officiates in the Football League and performs board duties (4th official) in the Premier League.
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