First Tournament in China!

Tournaments Abroad is happy to announce the agreement with Gothia Cup China, China’s and Asia’s biggest youth football tournament.

TA’s President Daniele Curcio visited China last week where he met with the directors of the tournament, as well as the people responsible for referees, and has therefore agreed to a partnership between Tournaments Abroad the tournament’s organizing committee which will start with the 2018 edition.

“Gothia Cup China is Asia’s most important youth soccer tournament with over 300 teams coming from 30 different countries taking part every year”, said Mr. Curcio. “We’re proud to be part of the Gothia Cup China’s family and I’m impressed by the plans put forward by the tournament’s directors who aim at increasing the quality and prestige of their event by attracting more and more international referees over the years. I’m also very proud that they have chosen Tournaments Abroad to help them in their quest”, he added.

“With this partnership Gothia Cup China and Tournaments Abroad will work together. We’re looking forward to making a difference, thanks to Daniele Curcio and TA”, said Mr. Jeff Wu, tournament director.

Daniele Curcio has also agreed to becoming the tournament’s international referees coordinator, and will work in close contact with the tournament’s referee director Mr. Zhang to select, evaluate and assign all international referees.

The Gothia Cup 2018 takes place August 13th-19th in Shenyang, China.

You can already apply and read more about this great new tournament on the dedicated page.

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