Tournaments 2017 – Applications opening soon


It’s just July and the 2016 tournament season has just ended, but our mind is already focused on 2017.

Around the end of August we will officially open the applications for our 2017 tournaments. A month from now you’ll be able to apply to referees in more countries and tournaments than ever before. From the Ibercup in Portugal, Spain and four other different countries, to the biggest edition ever of the Paris World Cup in France, to many new ones. All details on destinations, dates and conditions will be released very soon.

Don’t miss out on such an opportunity. By signing up for our free newsletter (available HERE), you will ensure to be one of the first referees who will be told when applications open. With a limited number of places available in each event, this could be a significant advantage !

Looking forward to working with you all again very soon, in what we expect to be another exciting tournament season here at Tournaments Abroad !

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  1. Steve Hawkes says:

    Please send me information on all the tournaments that Tournaments Abroad will be participating in next summer. I very much look forward to you accepting me as and when applications are out.
    Kind regards
    Steve Hawkes

  2. Steve Hawkes says:

    To confirm, at this stage, can you please put me down for:
    BARCELONA 11th-15th JULY
    Kind regards
    Steve Hawkes

  3. Christopher Brown says:

    Please keep me informed of any tournaments abroad
    I have refereed at the USA Cup for 6 years as experience
    Kind regards

  4. Ghaf mohammed says:

    I am level 7 referee I am interested in refereeing abroad, I have refereed in the USA cup in 2011 and 2014. Currently running the line on the northern league division 2 and middles in various leagues I am 54 years of age living in north east England NRCFA affiliated .

  5. Gary Mclelland says:

    Hi daniel, I am interested in refereeing in the Iber cup next year.I’ve attended the usa cup in minneapolis and fancy a change as I’ve heard excellent reports on this competition. I am an ex level 3 and now just assess supply league and coach level 7 to 6 referees. I look forward to your response

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