New: Tournaments Abroad Referee Levels

Time to announce the first of two new features “Tournaments Abroad” will be introducing in 2017: the new TA referee levels for all officials attending our tournaments.

Over the past few years we’ve been working on developing a level scheme which was both equal and fair to referees coming from many different nations around the World. Why an English referee might in fact be familiar with what “Level 6″ or “Level 5″ mean, how would he compare his level with that of a referee coming from France, Spain, Italy, Canada or any other country of the World? it would be almost impossible.

That’s right, each country has its own way to classify referees, and it is always hard, especially for tournament organizers, to compare different levels and systems to achieve fairness in assigments.

This is why we have decided to introduce the “TA Referee Levels” which we will be using from now on. Each referee will be classified just based on our own system, this will guarantee every assignor of our network a way to understand each official’s level.

The system itself will see levels in two different tiers: the development level (for younger referees) and the ordinary level (for all officials) and, much like in UEFA, referees will attain their new levels once they have reached certain milestones. Furthermore, like in FIFA, each official will earn his own “TA badge” upon reaching Development or Elite level.

Want to know more about this new system? Take a look to the dedicated page.

The TA Referee Levels

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